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Building Product Manufacturers hire us to write specifications and sustainability documents to get them specified.

Trusted by architects and specifiers of all sizes

3-Part Specs

Are your products easy for architects to specify?  Architects need to know the how and what to specify about your products to have that “Aha!” moment.


Unfortunately, many building product manufacturers create 3 part specifications that are hard to follow, way too wordy, and not in a usable format.


This is where ZeroDocs comes in.  We develop custom basis of design 3 part SimpleSpecs™ so you avoid all of the specification writing mistakes, and allows your products to be 100% faster to review, understand, and specify on projects.


The goal is to increase your specification rates, not lose the architect’s interest.  Our team has done this for hundreds of companies just like you!

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SimpleSpecs master specification system

SimpleSpecs™ office specs 

Did you know that most Architectural firms develop custom office specifications?  These custom specifications are often known as the “office master” and coveted by every building product manufacturer who wants to specify their products.


At ZeroDocs, we’ve developed an office master specification system called SimpleSpecs™.  It is used by architects and specifiers of all sizes to write project specifications or as a tool to help them keep their “office masters” up to date.


SimpleSpecs™ consists of two types of specifications; a general master specification which includes three (3) building product manufacturers, and a custom basis of design 3-part specifications we’ve developed for a particular brand at ZeroDocs.  This is where we specify your products and architects use them on projects.

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Distribute your specs 

Don’t hide your 3-part specifications on the company website and wait for visitors to download them. I am sure you’ve heard the saying “architects just use the same specs over and over again,” and it’s true.


Architects, like us all,  are habit-forming. If they’ve developed an office master specification on a particular assembly or product, they will not randomly look for new products to specify.  So, it’s up to you to get your products and specs noticed.


This is where ZeroDocs comes in.  We’ve spent decades building relationships with architects, and introducing new products.  Let us distribute your custom basis of design SimpleSpecs™ to our network of users to get your products specified.


This is where ZeroDocs comes in.  We’ve spent decades building relationships with architects and introducing new products.  Let us distribute your 3-part specs to our network to increase spec rates.

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Sustainable product documentation 

In a recent survey by the American Institute of Architects, 79% of Architects in 2020 want to specify more sustainable materials than they do today (97% among millennials).  So the demand for sustainable products is real. 


A simple way of looking at WELLLEEDCollaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), LBL, and other sustainability systems is like a big scavenger hunt for design and construction teams. Teams are looking for one or a combination of credits for the following documents:


If you have the documentation, you can assist in meeting the goals of the project. If you don’t, you’re creating roadblocks for your products.


Don’t miss out! Work with a ZeroDocs sustainability developer now to learn about sustainability, understand how to leverage it, and make the submittal process easier for construction teams.  You’ll increase specification rates and get ahead of the competition.

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We are experts

New manufacturers and well-established brands often run into architectural sales process challenges. It’s often thought that “spec rate” is a healthy benchmark for calculating the strength of a specification program.


At ZeroDocs, our experience has shown that the year-over-year sales increase is a more accurate measurement of specification growth.  Specifications = sales opportunities.  The more specifications you create, the more opportunities your brand has to increase sales.  Spec rates don’t measure how those sales will be accomplished or how to funnel them into a sale.


Our team is a mix of experienced specifiers and product representatives with the know-how to get products specified.  We help you identify resources and workflows to improve the specification process and convert them into a sale. Don’t waste time, schedule a call now!

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You’re in Good Company!

“I have been working with ZeroDocs now for a couple of years. They are always so fast, professional, and persistent! What impresses me most is their level of follow-up. When they don’t have what they need for an accurate 3-Part Specification to their requirements, they’ll issue a preliminary spec and follow up regularly to complete their work. They do a great job and make a strong partner for my consulting firm.”

Beau D. Preston
Rainscreen Consulting

“We use ZeroDocs to locate specific building product manufacturers’ Specs because we know the Specs follow the 3-Part format. The proper format allows us to locate what we need immediately. I recommend ZeroDocs to those looking for information from specific manufacturers’ products.”

Todd Maxey, CDT, LEED

Associated Spec Consultants, Inc.

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