Deconstructing Specification Writing – Webinar

Deconstructing Specification Writing – Webinar
Deconstructing Specification Writing


Intended Audience: Design Professionals, building product manufacturers

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Most design professionals prepare specifications for only a few projects each year, so they are not as proficient at specification writing as other aspects of their profession.


This one-hour course on deconstructing specification writing webinar will teach you the basics of specifications, allowing you to produce accurate, enforceable specifications that will be easily understood by everyone involved in the construction process.


Learning Objectives:

Describe the role of the participants in a construction project and the purpose of construction contracts, contract documents, and bidding requirements


Utilize CSI/CSC MasterFormat and SectionFormat in preparing specifications and effectively use the Division 01 concept


Explain the various methods of specifying and how they apply to construction specifications


How to properly prepare a written specification section




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Deconstructing Specification Writing