What is a 3-part spec?

A (Construction Specifications Institute) 3-part specification is a standardized format used in the construction industry for creating written specifications for building projects.

3-Part specs includes:

General Requirements: This section outlines the scope of the project, including the purpose, location, and the overall requirements for the project.
Products: This section specifies the materials and products that are required for the project, including their quality, performance standards, and installation requirements.
Execution: This section describes how the work is to be executed, including installation, construction methods, and quality assurance.
It’s a comprehensive document that helps ensure that construction projects are completed according to the specified requirements, and that all parties involved in the project have a clear understanding of the project scope and expectations.

Guide specs for building product manufactures

Recently, I received a call from a building product manufacturer’s rep to introduce their products. The representative explained the product and sent me an email with five attachments and a link to a google drive with 25 individual files.  As I tried to make sense of the information and next steps of where do I specify this product and how should I specify this thing, I asked the million-dollar question  – “do you have a 3-part spec?”
The rep said we don’t have a 3-part spec, but what is that? So in simple terms, I explained, “it tells me quickly how this fits into the specifications for a project and what about your product needs to be specified.” I can avoid reading through all the links and data you just shared and take 30 seconds to figure it out! 
The 3-part specs you share with the design professional are a road map of “how” and “what” to specify about your product or assembly. You don’t need to send them a 10+ page spec, only what’s required to specify your company’s products accurately.  Keep it simple.  

Here are a few things architects and specifiers review: 

Submittals: What type of samples, shop drawings, or certifications should I request? 
Quality Assurance: Are there any performance, code, or other major requirements?
Warranty: Do you offer a warranty greater than one year? If so, what is the warranty in general terms? 
Products: Any ASTM standards for your products? Words like “high-quality,” “heavy-duty,” “excellent” just become words without any standard of measurement. 
Accessories: What is required to assist in the installation?
Installation: Is the installation covered by an ASTM method?  If so, this will prevent me from needing to become an expert on how your products are installed. 
Making the architects and engineers job easier is always the best step in getting your products specified.  And yes, you do need a 3-part spec as a building product manufacturer, so I don’t need to become an expert in specifying your product on a deadline.  
Before you get started on developing 3 part specifications, learn more about the pitfalls to avoid!
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