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Specification Writing Services

Did you know that 3-part specifications are a contractural document?

Most manufacturers look at specs as a sales tool.  Architects look at them as contractual documents.  General Contractors and subcontractors look at them to create bids and follow project requirements.

Unfortunately, many building product manufacturers create 3 part specifications that are hard to follow, too complex, and not usable.

Building a clear, concise, correct, and complete 3-part specification is essential. We make it easy to get it right the first time.

Types of CSI specifications in 3-part format

Get listed in our office master

What are your competitors doing to reach emerging architects and generate project specifications faster than your team?

I can tell you just about anything—100s of lunch presentations, trade shows, post cards, wind and cheese events and any resource that supply specifications to architects to set up their office standards for projects.

In most cases, we’ve already specified your competitors, so what’s holding you back from getting listed in office specs for architects?

Specification Management

Imagine you’re an architect working on a project searching the web for specifications for [insert your product here]. Where do you think an architect will start searching for specs first?

Yep, you guessed it!  Their trusted resource for specifications and sites with free downloads to hundreds of specifications.  If you publish your 3-part specifications on ZeroDocs, and we maintain the updates, then you’ve got a better chance of being downloaded!

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