Introducing Product List Cloud

Introducing Product List Cloud

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Introducing Product List Cloud by ZeroDocs


If you’re on a design team, I am sure you have a process for reviewing, gathering feedback, and clarifying product details during design.


We find that most teams leverage email, file folders, phone discussions, and cloud-based smart sheets to create product lists to facilitate the process.


But if you’ve ever tried to track down everyone’s feedback and questions, well, that takes more time than you may want to admit. 


And not to mention the hours spent fixing problems, like the time you may have written a specification for the wrong product.   


The simple truth is that we are using way too many resources to discuss and clarify products.


So, our team set out to consolidate what you are currently leveraging into a simple platform that is all about products we call “Product List.”


Product List allows you to quickly upload a few basic details about a product and automate feedback requests in real-time, so nothing gets left behind.


The best part is it’s an entirely free service, and you can get your team onboarded in seconds.  


So to get started, schedule a demo for your office or register for an account now!