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In 1912, the Stone family opened a building materials distribution company in upstate New York. Innovators, explorers, and champions of their craft, they became part of an exciting new generation of pioneers. In those days, doing things by halves got you nowhere. With an appetite for adventure and an eye for detail, the Stones created their own revolution – journeying far and wide to source the finest materials and learn groundbreaking techniques that would set them on their way. A century of firsts followed: their company was the first to develop a pure, homogenous vinyl floor tile; it was the first to introduce a new flooring concept from Taiwan – now known as LVT; and it transformed the flooring market with its floating floor system. All of these accomplishments were achieved with the customer firmly at heart, with a focus on greater ease of use to help architects and designers work better and smarter. Today, that same passion for innovation and unwavering commitment to customers has endured, as the company founded by the Stones continues to lead the way as the LVT Specialists, through outstanding distribution, global reach, and new product development – whilst always staying true to the Stone family’s building blocks of excellent design, great quality, and spirit of innovation. This is a success story we all celebrate and in which we all believe. It influences the manner in which we go about our work, the way in which we talk to our customers and peers, and inspires us to go beyond the expected - all to deliver a truly groundbreaking product that inspires others, as well.

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