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For more than 20 years, Archovations has been the leader in the industry and continues to bring new and architecturally innovative products to architects, building engineers, contractors and masons. Although others have followed our lead, Archovations was the first to offer moisture management and air space maintenance solutions with the CavClear® masonry product line for installation not just at the flashing levels, but throughout the full height of the masonry wall.

04 - Masonry Website BIM Video Data Sheet CHPS Cert SPEC
04 20 00 Unit Masonry

CavClear® Masonry Mat
By Archovations Inc

CavClear® Weep Vents
By Archovations Inc
04 43 13.16 Adhered Stone Masonry Veneer

CavClear® Rainscreen Mat WS (With Scrim)
By Archovations Inc
07 - Thermal and Moisture Protection Website BIM Video Data Sheet CHPS Cert SPEC
07 21 13.13 Foam Board Insulation

CavClear® Insulation System
By Archovations Inc
07 46 00 Siding & Accessories

CavClear® Rainscreen Mat HD (Heavy Duty)
By Archovations Inc