Structural Specifications

Structural Specifications

Structural Specifications

Structural Specifications

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Structural Specifications

Simply stated, simple structural specifications written in CSI 3-part format for construction projects. A complex subject, but we make it simple by the use of our project worksheet and smaller, easier-to-use “master” specifications. Construction specifications do not need to be wordy to be enforceable. In fact, the opposite is true. Less complex, easy to follow specifications result in less problems on the construction site.  Download Example


The advantage of SimpleSpecs™ structural Specification is its simplicity. Written to include statements that affect construction cost or overall quality, it is far simpler to edit than other full master specification systems. A typical specification section from SimpleSpecs™ Short Form runs from 1 to 3 pages, while competing systems can easily run up to 20 pages or more. This brevity also makes the specifications easier for tradespeople to understand and follow, resulting in fewer problems on the project site.



SimpleSpecs™ Master Guide Specification includes non-proprietary sections that may specify products by reference standard, description, or performance requirements, or a combination thereof, and may include a list of acceptable manufacturers, but are not based on a particular manufacturer’s products. They are written such that any listed manufacturer may provide the specified products.


CSI 50 Division Format

This master system utilizes the CSI 2020 MasterFormat classification system offered by The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC). This classification system uses 50 “Divisions” to arrange construction materials and activities into similar groupings such as concrete, masonry, or metals.


Editable Specifications

SimpleSpecs™ is a series of Microsoft Word documents that are easily edited to suit a particular project’s needs. Optional text is included within brackets and identified by red text for easy identification and editing. Paragraph and page numbers are included as automatic codes, eliminating the need to manually renumber when revisions are made.

SimpleSpecs™: Simple by design


Specification Writing Software

SimpleSpecs™ is accessible as an instant download or directly in the ZeroDocs cloud spec writing software app.

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