Product List

Manage product discussions and clarifications like a PRO in the cloud.

Eliminate emails.

Keep your inbox clean so nothing gets left behind.

Fully Organized

Share with your team - anytime.

Instant task alerts.

Create tasks in a single click.

Core Features

Our product management software helps design teams and spec writers work smarter.

Product Tracking

Identify new product submissions, control approvals / rejections, discussions.

Auto Organizing

Imported files are tagged them based on where that product is specified.

Design Team Ready

5x faster and easier to set up than a smart sheet or excel log.

PDF Annotations

Highlight, underline, strikethrough, add comments, and text to any pdf file.

Instant Notifications

A powerful tool to manage collaboration through a controlled workflow.

Replace Emails

Manage product discussions faster. Tasks with status make managing easy.

Supports Many File Formats

Easily import and view Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and Image files.

Always Up to Date

A single workflow for the entire team eliminates lost or forgotten discussions.

Permissions and User Rules

Set team and invites for read-only access, download only, or full edit mode.

Core Feature Screen Shots

A quick glance of the action.


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Why is this faster than a smart sheet?

Product lists are pre-designed to discuss construction products, and file uploads.

Why is this faster than email?

It's a powerful tool to manage collaboration through a controlled workflow.

How many products can I discuss?

There is no limit on product discussions.

What file formats are supported?

MS Word, pdf, png, jpeg, excel, and Mp4 video.

Can I download a transcript of discussions?

Yes! Download all discussions into a pdf file.

Is there a trial?

Yes! Purchase a PRO user seat and invite your entire team for one month. Cancel at any time.

Can a single Pro user run an office?

Yes! Pro users create a project and share permissions with a Starter user.

How large of a file can I upload?

40 MB per file is the maximum file size.

How large of a team can I invite?

No restrictions on team size.

Can I restrict permissions of some users?

Yes! Invite some as editors and others to view only.