product tracking software


Best way to manage and track products.


Product tracking software to expedite construction product discussions during design development.

Product tracking software

Product tracking software

How it works

product tracking software
Step 1
Easy product filing

A single submission form for all product content. 

product tracking software group
Step 2
Invite Reviewers

Work solo or invite your entire team. 

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Step 3
Take Action 

It’s all about status, so nothing gets left behind.  



1. Invite your team or work solo

Share your project with a single link or formally invite the Owner, Design-Build team, contractor, or consultants in seconds.  Allow one user to view documents and ongoing discussion, while another user has full access to review, download and upload new products.  Changing the status in real-time for everyone to notice.




2. Simple and easy interface

Drag and drop product documentation to start the discussion using our simple and easy interface.



3. Tracking organized by CSI Division


Products are organized to streamline specification editing, and color-coded status to start the discussion.  Each product submission is tagged with an upload date, time, and submitting team member.




4. Notifications like a To-do-List

Upon login, you and invited team members are immediately notified of new product notes to review.  NeedNotify your entire team with a simple note, and alert all viewers of an immediate task note using “pin” using notifications.  Say goodbye to never-ending emails, and revolving out-of-date spreadsheets!




5. Move product forward by status

Always see what products are in review, rejected, and “approved” using an easy to identify color-coded management system, so nothing gets left behind.  Approved products are read for the specification process!




6. Specifications focused!

Everything needed to move products into projects.  All the product discussions and details to move projects forward.  

construction specs

Construction specs

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