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Interiors Specifications

The advantage of the 3-part SimpleSpecs™ package for developing interiors specifications is simplicity.  Specifications are 1 to 3 pages long, written in Microsoft Word, and easy to follow during editing. This brevity also makes the specifications easier for tradespeople to understand and follow, resulting in fewer problems on the project site.


SimpleSpecs™ is a non-proprietary, and reference standard, description, performance requirements, or a combination of specify products. A list of three (3) acceptable manufacturers is provided and is not based on a particular manufacturer’s products. Therefore each manufacturer listed in the specification is considered specified and may supply products based on the listed requirements.


Developed in Microsoft Word

SimpleSpecs™ master specifications are written in Microsoft Word to allow immediate editing for a particular.  Selection text is included within [brackets] and identified by red text.  Guidance is provided throughout the documents (when applicable) using Microsoft Word’s commenting feature.  Each section has been styled to allow auto paragraphs, numbering, automatic codes, and macros, eliminating the need to renumber when editing and making document revisions.


Instant AccessPurchase SimpleSpecs™ interiors specifications and register for a ZeroDocs cloud app to start writing project specifications in minutes.  Specifications are also available as a one-time download.

Specs included in this bundle (175)





08 05 01

Materials for Openings

Integral self-shading inserts for Insulated Glass Units.

08 05 01

Materials for Openings

Specialty glass for architectural applications.

08 05 01

Materials for Openings

Honeycomb glass for architectural applications.

08 05 01

Materials for Openings

Concealed hydraulic door closure/ hinge system.

08 14 16.03

Flush Wood Doors by OshKosh (AWI & MDWA)

Non-fire rated and fire-rated, acoustical, lead-lined, bullet-resistant.

08 15 13.03

Laminated Plastic Doors by Oshkosh (AWI and WDMA)

Non-fire-rated, fire-rated, acoustical, lead-lined, bullet-resistant types.

08 33 13.01

Coiling Counter Shutters

Series 700 - Counter shutters

08 33 13.02

Coiling Counter Shutters

Series 550 fire-rated

08 33 23.02

Overhead Coiling Doors

Series 400 - Heavy Duty Door

08 33 23.03

Overhead Coiling Doors

Series 500 fire-rated

08 33 23.04

Overhead Coiling Doors

Series 600 insulated

08 33 26

Overhead Coiling Grilles

Series 800- Grilles

08 51 14

Aluminum Folding Windows 

Aluminum framed folding windows.

08 53 14

Vinyl Folding Windows 

Vinyl framed folding windows.

08 71 23

Commercial Door Operators

Commercial door operators for overhead coiling and sectional doors and grilles.




09 05 01

Materials for Finishes

Cleaners and impregnating sealers for tiling, natural stone, and cementitious surfaces.

09 28 13

Cementitious Backing Board

Backing boards for tiling.

09 28 23

Tile Backing Boards 

Waterproof backing boards for stone and tile installs.

09 28 23

Tile Backing Boards 

Waterproof backing boards for tile and stone installs.

09 30 00


Tiling for floors and walls.

09 30 43

Tile Accessories 

Floor and wall tiling accessories.

09 30 43

Tile Accessories 

Floor and wall tiling accessories.

09 51 13

Acoustical Panel Ceilings

Interior ceiling panels and suspension grid system.

09 54 26

Suspended Wood Ceilings

Wood ceiling tiles and grilles.

09 61 13

Slip-Resistant Flooring Treatment

Slip-resistant coating for walking surfaces.

09 61 16

Floor Sealers

Membrane and impregnating type sealers for concrete and stained surfaces.

09 61 39

Water Vapor Emission Control

Fluid-applied coating to suppress substrate moisture for flooring.

09 64 00

Wood Flooring

Wood strip and engineered wood flooring.

09 65 13

Resilient Base

Resilient rubber, vinyl wall base.

09 65 15

Resilient Stair Treads and Nosings

Rubber, vinyl

09 65 15

Resilient Stair Treads and Nosings

Resilient stair treads and nosings.

09 65 19

Resilient Tile Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile (resilient tile flooring)

09 67 23

Resinous Flooring

Fluid-applied seamless flooring systems

09 67 23

Resinous Flooring

Seamless, slip-resistant, epoxy flooring systems.

09 78 26

Plastic Interior Wall Panels

Stone, wood, and brick patterns.

09 91 00


Scrubbable, and stain resistance interior paints.

09 96 19

Stained Concrete Finishes 

Stains and dyes for concrete surfaces.




10 45 00

Photoluminescent Exit Specialties

Glow in the dark exit markings

10 71 26

Exterior Retractable Door Screens

Screens for french doors, and sliding doors.

10 71 27

Exterior Retractable Windows Screens

Insect, solar, and privacy screens

10 71 29

Exterior Retractable Large Opening Screens

Oversized door screens

10 73 19

Operable Fabric Canopies

Manual and electrically operated fabric canopy.

10 85 00

Package Transfer

Through wall package theft-deterrent system.