SimpleSpecs™ + Construction Spec Writing

SimpleSpecs™ + Construction Spec Writing

Construction specification writing software


SimpleSpecs™ + Construction Spec Writing Software


If you find construction spec writing software time-consuming and requires a lot of manual effort, and we have the solution for you!




How do you edit construction specifications faster?  Well, you start with writing a new generation of CSI 3-part specifications.  Specs designed for commercial construction professionals for faster editing and more efficiency.


We call them SimpleSpecs™, and they’re not your traditional long, wordy specifications. They are one to four-page specifications designed completely around the idea that specs need to be easy to read, follow and estimate by trade contractors.


Each spec is written in Microsoft word and filled with comments to guide you through the editing process.  User report writing specs 50% faster than the traditional specifications they’ve used on past projects.


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ZeroDocs Cloud


You’ll need a better way to store and manage your specs.  One that doesn’t involve saving them on your desktop or in a folder on your laptop if you’re going to write them faster. And that’s precisely where ZeroDocs cloud construction spec writing software comes in!


With ZeroDocs cloud, your entire SimpleSpecs™ library is stored online.  Where they’ll always be safe and accessible no matter where you are.


You can even access them while you’re on the go!  So if an idea pops into your head while you’re at lunch or on a conference call, you won’t have to worry about losing it!


We also know that formatting Microsoft word documents can be a tedious process. That’s why we’ve made it possible for our users to edit them in the cloud, without a Microsoft word subscription, and bulk format their SimpleSpecs™ in the cloud in seconds—no learning curve required!


Our users are able to focus on what matters most for their business—designing great projects.  So, you’ll have 12 months access to your ZeroDocs cloud with each SimpleSpecs™ purchase. 


A perfect combination for start-ups and emerging architectural firms to take their construction spec writing software to the next level.



construction spec writing software

construction spec writing software