Spec writing software


Write, edit and produce specifications faster, with less complexity, in the cloud.

A modern platform designed for construction specifications written in Microsoft Word.

specification writing software storage

Edit specs, anywhere.

Move beyond your desktop and edit specs from any browser.

spec writing software collaboration

Unlimited access.

Standardize your office workflow for everyone.

Spec writing software editing

Format specs, in bulk.

Finalize specs in MS Word and convert them to pdf. 

Streamline your spec writing, using SimpleSpecs™

Purchase a set of SimpleSpecs™ pre-written spec templates and start editing them in the cloud, directly in your browser, in minutes. 


Has your office created custom office specifications?  ZD cloud is 100% compatible with Microsoft Word documents; without needing to reformat, map styles, or write macros, your team can collaborate and edit documents instantly.





100% Microsoft Word Compatible

If you’ve ever used browser-based word processing editors, like google docs, I am sure you’ve encountered formatting issues – macros fail, indentations issues, and numbering problems.


With ZD cloud, your specifications are rendered 100% accurate, and you have the freedom to edit specifications across all browsers.  Documents look exactly like you’re working in Microsoft Word on your desktop, and best of all, you don’t need a Microsoft word license.



Bulk file formatting

Updating text throughout 200+ specifications can be a real challenge.  Many design professionals open each specification and change text like bid dates, header, and footer information from project to project.


ZD cloud saves you valuable time editing SimpleSpecs™ and other specifications with features like finding and replacing text, and watermarks, removing brackets and changing font color to black.


Collaborate from anywhere

ZD cloud was developed for the construction industry to help make specification writing more collaborative.


Work solo or invite your entire office using email addresses in seconds.  ZD cloud permissions are easy to follow and modify at any moment.


Stored on Amazon Web Services, your specifications are safely stored and remain private.  Specifications are not visible unless you provide access.

Easy to use, no learning curve

ZD cloud was designed with simplicity in mind and to allow anyone to start editing specifications within 5 minutes.


You and your team can start editing, formatting, and producing specifications in minutes, without the need for intensive training videos.


ZD Cloud is ready to use, right from the start.

Build a to-do list, instantly. 

Have you ever sent an email to your team and waited for everyone’s response? Well, somebody’s one’s got to say it; sending emails to clarify product requirements and gathering feedback can be a real pain. It’s a game of ping pong.


So, we’ve created a notifications system to enable you or your team to focus on critical tasks, not chasing down emails. It’s also easy to see who’s logged into a project or viewed a specification by date and time.


Keep your projects on time in real-time, with ZD cloud.

Table of contents builder

Are you creating a table of contents manually? I am sure you’ve got better things to do than figuring out what specifications you’ve missed on a project’s table of contents.


With ZD cloud, you can leave that all behind. We’ve mastered the art of building a table of contents.


Edit your specifications, upload your consultant’s specs in pdf format, and ZD cloud generates a downloadable table of contents in seconds.