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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s built to simplify writing specifications in Microsoft Word, and make the product review process a breeze.  Click here for a complete list specification features.   

Using our cloud platform in a Microsoft Word like editor. 

Yes! 100% compatible. ZD Cloud instantly update old .doc files to the latest .docx file format during uploading – making your documents completely compatible.     

Yes.  Pro users can start product schedules | Lists and invite 20 reviewers per project. See all features at this link. 

No. Our platform is cloud based and requires no software installation or IT department set up. We recommend google chrome as a web broswer. 

Yes! We provide online chat, email and phone support (800) 927-5585.  Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm, PST. Weekends from 1oam to 4pm, PST by online chat only.

Quarterly. PRO users with a paid subscription to architectural, electrical or mechanical specifications will have immediate access to the latest spec templates and new releases.

Yes!  Email a list of specs you’d like to acquire to or call 800-927-5585 or use the instant chat Monday – Sunday. 

Yes! You can mix and match users by sharing access permissions in your dashboard or by emailing for assistance. 

Yes! Pro users can upload unlimited Owner and office masters and set permissions to who’s able to edit and access the master in their projects.   

Yes! Select a time and date using this link.  We’ll help you set up your office, workflow and review features for 30 to 60 minutes.