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Curing blanks

Use the following specification guide text to specify moisture-retaining concrete curing blankets by Reliable Concrete Accessories.

What is a concrete curing blanket?

A concrete curing blanket is a protective covering used over concrete to control its temperature and moisture levels during the curing process. Curing is a critical phase in concrete installation where the concrete hardens and gains strength. The main functions of a curing blanket are:

  1. Temperature Control: Concrete curing blankets help maintain a consistent temperature. This is particularly important in extreme weather conditions—keeping concrete warm in cold weather to prevent freezing, and cool in hot weather to prevent rapid drying.
  2. Moisture Retention: By covering the concrete, these blankets help retain moisture, which is essential for the hydration process of cement. Proper hydration ensures that the concrete reaches its intended strength and durability.


Specification Notes:

Moisture retaining curing blankets keep the concrete moist during curing in order to achieve optimal strength and durability. During curing hydration occurs, allowing calcium-silicate hydrate (C-S-H) to form.  Within the first 4 weeks of placement, concrete achieves 90% of its strength, with the remaining 10% achieved over years or even decades.

Insert the provided text into Section 03 30 00 – Cast-in-Place Concrete or similarly titled section governing this work.

The text is based on ReliableCure®, single-use wet concrete curing blankets featuring a non-woven engineered absorbent fabric.  Comprised of absorbent synthetic fibers and super absorbent polymers that are laminated to white opaque poly sheeting. The absorbent fibers retain up to 10 times their weight in water to fully hydrate the concrete surface for the length of the wet curing process.  ReliableCure® SOG for flatwork and polished concrete has an impervious poly top for ideal curing properties.


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