03 35 43 Polished Concrete Finish

03 35 43 Polished Concrete Finish

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03 35 43

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03 35 43 Polished Concrete Finish

Free downloadable CSI 3 part specification to specify polished concrete finish by Solomon Colors.


Use this section to achieve a natural concrete appearance, color dyed, or stencil to create a unique decorative floor design.


Polished concrete involves a multi-step process.  Floors are mechanically ground flat to expose the desired aggregate “class” as defined by the CPC.  A penetrating hardener/ densifier is applied in multiple coats to react with the concrete to harden and dust-proof the surface.


As a final finishing process, the surface is polished with resins to produce the desired gloss “level” appearance as defined by the CPC, leaving surfaces free of scratches and abrasions.


Floors should be tested for image clarity value to ASTM D5767 and haze to ASTM D4039 prior to application of water repellant sealers, at a rate of three tests per 1000 square feet of polished concrete.


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