04 73 13 Adhered Thin Stone Veneer

04 73 13 Adhered Thin Stone Veneer

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04 73 13

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Adhered Thin Stone Veneer

Use this free downloadable CSI 3 part specification to specify Natural stone veneer for interior and exterior use, adhered by mortar to a solid substrate.


This guide specification section has been prepared by Montana Rockworks for use in the preparation of a project specification section covering adhered thin natural stone veneer for exterior or interior locations. Thin stone veneer is placed over a solid substrate and is set in mortar.


The following guidelines should be followed when designing adhered thin stone veneer:


Over gypsum board, paneling, plywood, other rigid wood-related sheathing, or rigid insulation: Install a weather-resistive barrier complying with building code requirements, expanded metal lath, and mortar scratch coat.


Over unpainted, untreated, unsealed concrete, brick, block, or other masonry: Stone can be applied directly to a clean surface.


Over painted, treated, or sealed concrete, brick, block, or other masonry: Clean surfaces back to the original surface by sandblasting, water blasting, acid etching, or wire brushing, or apply metal lath and mortar scratch coat.


For assistance in the use of products in this section, contact Montana Rockworks by calling 888-262-5419, by email at info@montanarockworks.com, or visit their website at www.montanarockworks.com.


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Adhered Thin Stone Veneer


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