05 52 21 Rod Railings

05 52 21 Rod Railings

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8.5" x 11"


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05 52 21

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rod railings


Rod Railings

Free downloadable CSI 3-part specification section covering rod railings by Viewrail. 


Rod railings protect exposed staircases, mezzanines, and balconies. They are installed indoors or outdoors on commercial construction projects of all sizes.


The rod railing is made with marine-grade steel and has a sleek, cylindrical design that looks sleek and smooth. It also comes in matte black for posts and rods as well as polished for the rods themselves.


It has hidden hardware for a clean aesthetic, and no grooves mean it’s easy to clean. The bends or creases are smoothed out easily—no re-tensioning required!


For assistance, contact Viewrail by calling 866-261-8013 or visit their website at www.viewrail.com. 


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