07 19 00 Water Repellent

07 19 00 Water Repellent

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07 19 00

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Water Repellent coating


Water Repellent

Download this free CSI 3-part specification to specify water repellents by Prosoco. 


Water repellents are a great way to make sure water doesn’t absorb into surfaces. The most common type of water repellent is silane and siloxane, which is applied as a liquid and then dries to form a coating.


Water repellents create a barrier between the surface and the water, causing the water to bead up and roll off the surface.


The protection is provided by a thin, transparent film that forms on the surface and prevents the penetration of water molecules into the substrate.


The invisible film provides a high level of protection from water penetration and damage due to freezing and thawing.


Also, preventing moisture from being absorbed by the substrate to prevent efflorescence (the deposit of salts on the surface), staining, and discoloration of the surface for years to come.


A good water-repellent coating should withstand the effects of weathering and aging. It must also be able to resist the penetration of dirt and other contaminants.


The coating should also retain its protective properties after many years without requiring additional maintenance or reapplication.


It’s important to know that some water repellents require maintenance—you’ll need to reapply them every few years based on the quality of the product installed.


Here are some tips for applying a water repellent:

  • Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application


  • Apply directly from the container using a paintbrush or roller


  • Let it dry overnight before using the surface


  • If you’re applying a water repellent to an existing surface, brush or roll on the product in one direction only – Do not apply on windy days


  • Avoid applying water repellent if rain is expected within 24 hours – Do not apply on hot surfaces.


Contact Prosoco, Inc. by calling 800- 255-4255 or visiting their website at www.prosoco.com.


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Water Repellent coating



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