07 46 23 Thermally Modified Wood Cladding

07 46 23 Thermally Modified Wood Cladding

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8.5" x 11"


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07 46 23

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Thermally Modified Wood Cladding

Use this CSI 3 part specification to specify Thermally Modified Wood Cladding.


This guide specification section has been prepared by ThermoryUSA for use in the preparation of a project specification section covering Thermory thermally modified wood for use as exterior cladding for walls and soffits.


Visit ThermoryUSA specifications profile for the following Thermory thermally modified wood products:

06 15 00 – Thermally Modified Wood Decking.

06 20 00 – Thermally Modified Finish Carpentry.

09 78 26 – Thermally Modified Wood Wall and Ceiling Cladding.








07 46 23 Thermally Modified Wood Cladding








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