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Use this easy to edit 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify suspended acoustical ceilings.

Suspended acoustical ceilings consist of a metal suspension grid and removable acoustical panels.

These ceilings allow for access to above-ceiling spaces and utilities while providing an aesthetically pleasing surface that provides significant improvements in acoustical characteristics over gypsum board, plaster, wood, and other ceilings.

Ceilings are available in two configurations:

  • Exposed grid: The bottom flange of the T-shaped suspension grid is exposed, with the edges of the acoustical panels resting on the flange.
  • Concealed grid: The suspension grid is concealed within the edges of the acoustical panels. Both upward and downward access grid systems are available.

In areas where atmospheric corrosion could occur aluminum grids should be used.

A wide variety of acoustical panels are available to suit project aesthetic and acoustical considerations. Mineral fiber and fiberglass panels are the most common. Metal and ceramic panels are also available, as are gypsum panels, with or without vinyl facings for increased washability for use where the acoustics are not a consideration.

Ceilings by themselves do not provide fire protection. They are available with certifications for use in fire-rated assemblies but do not provide fire protection to the overhead structure.

Hold-down clips should be used in areas where wind uplift could occur, such as in exterior soffits and immediately inside building entrances. These clips are also sometimes required in ceilings listed for use in fire-rated assemblies.

To learn more about soundproofing, visit Wikipedia.

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