09 78 26 Plastic Interior Wall Panels

09 78 26 Plastic Interior Wall Panels

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8.5" x 11"


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09 78 26

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Plastic Interior Wall Panels

Use this free downloadable CSI 3-part specification to specify plastic interior wall panels in stone, wood, and brick patterns, for interior use Barron Designs.


Plastic wall panels are the new thing. They’re lightweight, easy to work with, and can mimic the look of stone, wood, or brick.


They’re also great for people who want something that’s easy to clean and maintain—and for those who want to add a little pop of color to their spaces without having to worry about painting! You can even use them on your walls or ceilings.


The best part about plastic wall panels is how many different patterns and styles are available. From natural-looking stone finishes to intricate brick patterns, there’s something for everybody.


For assistance contact Barron Designs by calling 800-651-4223 or visit their website at www.barrondesigns.com.


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