Fabric-Faced Acoustical Wall Panels


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Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify direct-applied preformed modular glass fiber panels, fabric-covered acoustical wall panels (acoustic fabric wall panels) for interior locations.  Preformed modular glass fiber panels, fabric facings

Acoustical wall panels are used to absorb sound and reduce sound reflection in spaces such as gymnasiums and churches. This section includes basic acoustical panels only; a wide range of products is available for this application. Other types of panels can be added to this section.

The acoustical performance of these panels can be affected by the density and thickness of the panel backing, type of fabric, size and spacing of the panels, and mounting type.

Where physical damage could occur such as in gymnasiums and multi-purpose rooms, acoustical wall panels are available with hard substrates that can absorb impact.

Acoustical wall panels can be obtained with the manufacturer’s standard fabric coverings or can be covered with an Owner-supplied fabric.

Learn more about architectural acoustics on Wikipedia.

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