13 24 19 Custom Saunas

13 24 19 Custom Saunas

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8.5" x 11"


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13 24 19

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Custom Saunas


Custom Saunas

Free downloadable CSI 3-part specification for specifying custom saunas by ThermoryUSA.


Wood components for these saunas are shipped in standard lengths to be cut and assembled on-site.


Show off your design with a range of natural wood panels and boards to create a unique sauna experience on residential and commercial projects.


Thermory offers natural wood options that outshine cedar for a sauna that’s as beautiful as durable. Alder and aspen surround you with gorgeous color and texture without overheating. And unlike cedar, which can weather with age, each wood remains true to its stability and aesthetic.


Alder and aspen have been staples of sauna culture for centuries due to their uncompromising durability, stability, and comfort. Responsibly harvested and produced, these woods let you create a sauna that shows off your sense of style.


For assistance in using products in this section, contact ThermoryUSA by calling 720-759-7268 or visit their website at www.thermoryusa.com/saunas/


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