31 63 16 Auger Cast Grout Piles

31 63 16 Auger Cast Grout Piles

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8.5" x 11"


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31 63 16

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31 63 16 Auger Cast Grout Piles

Easy to edit 31 63 16 Auger Cast Grout Piles specification for machine-drilled concrete-filled piers for foundation use.


Drilled concrete piers are used in some locations as foundations for structures.


Drilled concrete piers are installed by drilling into the soil using a truck-mounted drilling rig. Reinforcing steel is then placed and concrete is pumped into the shaft. Temporary steel casings may be required in soft soils and to exclude groundwater.


A drilled concrete pier is both end-bearing and friction-based.


This section should be prepared based on the findings of a geotechnical report prepared by a licensed geotechnical engineer and in conjunction with the project structural engineer.


Since the final depth of piers can vary significantly this work is often specified on a unit price basis. A design depth is established for bidders to base their bids on, with the final depth used for payment purposes.



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