32 94 36 Bioretention Planters

32 94 36 Bioretention Planters

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8.5" x 11"


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32 94 36

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Bioretention Planters

Free downloadable CSI 3 part specification to specify Bioretention Planters by Architerra Designs. 


Most bioretention solutions today are built from concrete, requiring walls at least eight inches thick with a giant bioretention footprint.


This section specifies planters in .125″ — .375″+ thick marine-grade aluminum or weathering steel, optional powder-coated finish, sizes, and shapes, and are provided with drainage components.  Planters are compatible with several types of filter soils and media to meet requirements across multiple municipalities.


Joints are fully welded, and include standard drain holes, interior structural support, and a multitude of options.


For assistance contact Architerra Designs by calling 877-494-0256 or visit their website at www.architerradesigns.com.





32 94 36 Bioretention planters

32 94 36 Bioretention Planters


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