32 94 39 Modular Planter Walls

32 94 39 Modular Planter Walls

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8.5" x 11"


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32 94 39

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32 94 39 Modular Planter Walls

Use this CSI 3 part specification to specify prefabricated Forma Modular Planter Walls by Architerra Designs.  Walls are available in multiple materials, finishes, sizes, and shapes.


With a simple and straightforward design and installation process, these modular planters and planter walls are ideal for on-grade and on-structure applications such as roof gardens, amenity decks, paving, green roofs, and edge restraints for low-profile planting areas.


Planter walls 6″ – 48″ tall and 4′ – 10′ long, available in straight, curved, and angled configurations. Walls include bottom flange to distribute weight and hold wall in place with weight of soil. Multiple products can be fastened together for extended lengths with a nearly seamless appearance — no fabrication needed on site. All necessary hardware, bracing, and accessories are included.


For assistance in the use of products, contact Architerra Designs by calling 877-494-0256 or visit their website at www.architerradesigns.com or visit this product link.





Modular planter walls




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