05 25 00 Aluminum Joist Framing

05 25 00 Aluminum Joist Framing

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8.5" x 11"


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05 25 00

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Aluminum Joist Framing

Use this CSI 3 part guide specification to specify extruded aluminum deck framing by DexSpan.


Framing is compatible with a wide variety of decking materials including wood, composite wood, PVC, and aluminum, plus paver and granite stone systems.


Available in a variety of color options to match decking materials.


DexSpax is engineered to install quicker and easier than any other framing method, and designed to make your deck look better and last longer too.


For assistance contact DexSpan by calling 844-339-7726 or visit their website at www.dexspan.com.


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Aluminum Joist Framing







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