01 81 13 Sustainable Project Requirements (DB CHPS)

01 81 13 Sustainable Project Requirements (DB CHPS)

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01 81 13 Sustainable Project Requirements (CHPS.net for Design/Build)

Specification for sustainable project requirements to achieve Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (US CHPS) CHPS certification on design/build projects.


According, to The Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS.net) website, CHPS “believes kids learn better in schools with good lighting, clean air, and comfortable classrooms.” The mission of the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools “is to nationally foster well-designed, operated, and maintained K-12 educational facilities that enhance student performance; positively impact student, teacher, and staff health and wellness; make education more enjoyable and rewarding, and promote positive environmental stewardship.”


This section provides the framework for specifying a US CHPS facility, including statements of the level to be achieved and requirements for reporting, indoor air quality management, and construction waste management necessary to achieve that goal.


It is suggested that the US CHPS Project Scorecard be included as an attachment so that the specific program requirements are available to all parties.


Visit 01 81 13 Sustainable Project Requirements for specifying CHPS on non-design-build projects.


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