03 35 19 Colored and Patterned Concrete Finishes

03 35 19 Colored and Patterned Concrete Finishes

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03 35 19

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colored and patterned concrete
Colored and Patterned Concrete Finishes

Free downloadable CSI 3-part specification to specify colored and patterned concrete finishes by Solomon Colors, Inc. 


Colored and patterned concrete is a fun way to add some personality and color to commercial projects. Concrete, is one of the most versatile materials because it can be colored, stained, or sealed in any way you want it.


Colored and patterned concrete is popular in many different applications, including:

Integral color in concrete – Integral color is used to dye the cement paste during mixing. When the concrete hardens, this color will appear throughout the entire slab.


Surface coloring stains – Surface coloring stains are applied directly on top of an unsealed surface to create a unique design that won’t fade over time as paint would. These colors will gradually wear off over time with exposure to the elements and foot traffic, so they’re typically not recommended for use in high-traffic areas without sealing them regularly.


Protective concrete sealers – Protective sealers are applied after curing as a protective layer against UV rays, water damage and other environmental factors that can damage your concrete over time. These sealers come in different colors and degrees of glossiness depending on what finish appearance is desired.


For assistance contact Solomon Colors, Inc. by calling 800-624-0261 or visit their website at www.solomoncolors.com


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colored and patterned concrete


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