09 23 00 Gypsum Plastering

09 23 00 Gypsum Plastering

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09 23 00

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Gypsum Plastering

Utilize this section to specify interior gypsum plastering on gypsum or metal lath, for wall and ceiling applications.


Gypsum plaster for wall and ceiling finishes consists of a gypsum panel base and gypsum veneer plaster finish.


Gypsum plaster provides a durable, smooth, sound- and fire-resistant surface to receive paints or other coatings.


Since the base is a prefabricated panel, installation time is less than with traditional multi-coat plasters.


Corner beads are required to prevent damage to external corners.


Casing beads are placed where plaster abuts dissimilar materials or stops with the edge exposed.


Control joints must be installed to minimize cracking. In general control joints should be placed:


– 50 feet on center maximum at ceilings and where ceiling framing changes direction.

– 30 feet on center maximum at walls and partitions and at changes in backup construction.

– Above jambs in openings in walls and partitions.


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Gypsum Plastering

Gypsum Plastering



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