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Easy to edit CSI specification for design professionals to specify loading dock equipment requirements for commercial and industrial docks including levelers, seals, bumpers, and truck restraints.

Commonly used loading dock equipment for commercial and industrial docks includes levelers, seals, bumpers, and truck restraints.

Other dock equipment such as dock lights, dock shelters, and communication systems are not included but can be added to this section.

Dock levelers, also known as dock plates or dock boards, bridge the space between a parked truck and the dock and adjust for differences in height. They are available in a manual, hydraulic, and air-powered operation, and in multiple sizes and capacities.

Edge of dock levelers serve the same purpose as dock levelers but do not require a pit for mounting. They can be useful where levelers must be installed on docks where a pit does not exist.

Leveler type, size, and capacity should be determined in consultation with the Owner based on the proposed use of the facility. A competent manufacturer of dock equipment can assist in this effort.

Dock seals close the gap between the building and trailer body, minimizing air and water infiltration, and in the case of a refrigerated dock, keeping conditioned air inside.

Dock bumpers are used where a leveler is not installed to prevent damage from a truck impacting the dock. Dock levelers are typically furnished with bumpers.

Truck restraints keep a truck from leaving the dock while it is being loaded/unloaded, They can be manually or electrically operated.

A communication system monitors dock activity, performing tasks such as locking/unlocking truck restraints and signaling when it is safe for a truck to depart. Due to the wide range of available products these products are not included in this section but can be added.

Loading Dock Equipment
Loading Dock Equipment
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