04 05 01 Materials for Masonry

04 05 01 Materials for Masonry

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04 05 01

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masonry and stone cleaners by Prosoco
04 05 01 Materials for Masonry (masonry and stone cleaners)

Free downloadable specification to specify masonry and stone cleaners by Prosoco.


Cleaning masonry and stone is a delicate process that requires the right tools and products. If the wrong cleaning product is applied, it can cause severe damage to your masonry surfaces.


The Prosoco® brand delivers a complete line of professional products to protect, clean, and restore masonry and stone surfaces. Products are formulated using the latest technology to provide the best results possible.


Masonry cleaners come in low VOC and non-acidic formulations liquid form that is easy to apply to surfaces. To remove mortar smears and construction dirt from brick, mortar, or concrete pavers without damaging or streaking.


Masonry cleaners are available in liquid formulations and are easy to apply. Masonry cleaners can also be used on concrete tiles, sandstone, or limestone!


Utilize these paragraphs to insert text into the following specification sections or similarly titled sections governing this work:


Section 04 20 00 – Unit Masonry

Section 04 40 00 – Stone Assemblies


For assistance, contact Prosoco, Inc. by calling 800- 255-4255 or visit their website at www.prosoco.com.


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masonry and stone cleaners



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