05 50 00 Metal Fabrications

05 50 00 Metal Fabrications

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8.5" x 11"


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05 50 00

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05 50 00 Metal Fabrications


Easy to edit SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify metal fabrications specification, sometimes referred to as “Miscellaneous Metals.”  Section contains a wide variety of components and materials that are not covered in any other section.


Include metal pipe or tube railings, ladders, bar gratings, nosings for concrete treads, and bollards.  Others components and materials can be added as needed.


Section excludes decorative components such as enclosures and column covers.  These components are specified in sections:

05 70 00 – Decorative Metal


Current OSHA requirements state that ladders over 24 feet in length be provided with a personal fall protection system.


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