07 42 13.17 Modular Metal Wall Panels

07 42 13.17 Modular Metal Wall Panels

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07 42 13.17

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modular metal wall panels


Download this free CSI 3-part specification to create a project requirement for CLADLOK pressure equalized exterior modular metal wall panels by CEI Materials, LLC.


What is CLADLOK?
CLADLOK™ Panel System are a pressure equalized rainscreen system that is easily installed to a wide variety of substrates and subgirt systems. This cassette-style plate panel system has all interlocking edges formed from 1 piece of metal and does not require any additional components other than the fasteners that attach it to the wall or subgirt.


CLADLOK modular panel systems offer various architecturally appealing façade options not seen with your typical rainscreen systems. CLADLOK provides a sustainable and economical solution to your project with fast installation times. From flat panel to tapered, perforated or embossed, the design options are limitless.


Available in painted Aluminum, both solids and metallics, and Anodized, Natural Metals, including Zinc, copper, and Stainless Steel. Also, specialty finishes like wood, stone, and terra cotta.


Panels are single-skin metal which is non-combustible and 100% recyclable and warranted for 20 Years on finished painted options. Other material warranties may depend on the type of finish and sheet manufacturer.



  • AAMA 508-7: Pressure Equalized Rainscreen Test
  • AAMA 501.1-05: Dynamic Water Infiltration Test
  • ASTM E283-04: Static Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E330-02: Structural Design loads (40psf)
  • ASTM E331-02: Static Water Infiltration
  • ASTM E1233-06: Standard Test Method for Structural Performance


For assistance, contact CEI Materials, LLC by calling 734-212-3006 or visit their website at www.CEIMaterials.com.


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