07 42 13.17 Modular Metal Wall Panels

07 42 13.17 Modular Metal Wall Panels

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8.5" x 11"


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07 42 13.17

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composite wall panels
Modular Metal Wall Panels

Free downloadable CSI 3 part specification for design professionals to create a project requirement for CLADLOK pressure equalized copper, zinc, or stainless steel plate exterior modular metal wall panels by CEI Materials, LLC.


CLADLOK modular panel systems offer a variety of architecturally appealing façade options not seen with your typical rainscreen systems. CLADLOK provides a sustainable and economical solution to your project with fast installation times. From flat panel to tapered, perforated or embossed, the design options are limitless.


One of the greatest benefits of utilizing metal panels are their limitless design opportunities. Metal materials can be perforated, embossed, or painted. They can also be anodized and patinated, processes only metal components can


For assistance contact CEI Materials, LLC by calling 734-212-3006 or visit their website at www.CEIMaterials.com.


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