09 66 23 Resinous Matrix Terrazzo Flooring

09 66 23 Resinous Matrix Terrazzo Flooring

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09 66 23

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Resinous Terrazzo Flooring

Use this CSI 3 part SimpleSpecs™ master specification to specify resinous terrazzo flooring and base finishes with an epoxy matrix.


Terrazzo is placed as a wet mix over a concrete substrate, then ground and polished to a smooth finish. Metal divider strips are placed prior to placing the wet terrazzo mix, to limit shrinkage cracking and to provide a decorative pattern.


The flooring system is composed of sand, aggregates, and color pigments in an epoxy matrix.


Aggregates can be granite, marble, quartz, or other natural stone. Glass and other materials can be used as well.


Resinous matrix cement terrazzo is long lasting and low maintenance and can be refinished several times.


Colors are achieved by varying the aggregates and color pigments. Patterns can be achieved by placing different terrazzo mixes between divider strips.


For assistance in selecting, specifying, and detailing terrazzo refer to the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA) website at www.ntma.com.


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Resinous Terrazzo Flooring






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