03 05 01 Materials for Concrete

03 05 01 Materials for Concrete

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03 05 01

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secondary reinforcement fibers
Materials for Concrete by Solomon Colors

Use this free downloadable specification guide text to specify secondary reinforcement fibers for standard or decorative concrete by Solomon Colors, Inc.


Secondary reinforcement fibers are reinforcing materials for concrete.  Used as a stand-alone reinforcement or in combination with rebar to increase tensile strength and improve cracking resistance of concrete.


Concrete is an extremely durable material, but it does have its limitations. In extreme cold or heat, it can crack or crumble under the strain of expanding or contracting with the weather. Fibers increase strength and durability by acting as reinforcement against pressure and stress from both sides of the material.


Concrete has three main ingredients: sand, gravel, and cement (or lime). The cement acts as a binder that holds everything together and gives the concrete its strength. Fibers are added during the concrete mixing process to improve the tensile strength bond between each individual ingredient in the mixture.


This section includes two types of fibers:

UltraFiber 302 Blend is a secondary reinforcement fibers that reduces plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage, and crack retention. It will not replace structural or load-bearing reinforcement. UltraFiber 302 Blend is not intended to be used in thin slab sections or to extend joint spacing past that which is recommended by ACI.


UltraFiber 500: Cellulose fiber reinforcement for industrial, commercial, residential, architectural, and decorative applications. Millions of microfibers bond with the concrete matrix to provide unsurpassed crack control with increased durability, impact, shatter, and freeze/thaw resistance. UltraFiber 500 will not ball or fuzz. It is invisible in the concrete and the only fiber that accepts color. This makes UltraFiber the best finishing fiber and the only fiber for decorative concrete.


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secondary reinforcement fibers


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