At ZeroDocs, we help design professionals and building product manufacturers write construction specifications faster.  Our mission is to make our client′s job simple.


We′re Trusted by architects and specifiers of all sizes.



“I have had a few discussions with ZeroDocs and always walk away with new ways to grow my business using specifications. These guys really know the industry!”

Clark Rachesky


Regional Manager


I wish more manufacturers would contract with ZeroDocs to produce their 3-Part specs! They’re concise, easy to review, and hit the content I look for as a Specifier. Get yourself a spec!”

Mike Bensky

Senior Associate | Specifier



“I was able to edit 130 SimpleSpecs sections in a few days and they turned out really well. I had no RFI’s from the bidders and it looks like the client is about to award the contract, maybe this week!”

D. McLain Architects


“One of the best specification consultants in the industry, and forward thinking spec teams we’ve encountered.”

Thomas Collupy, CDT



“We’ve been working with the founder of ZeroDocs since 2016, and they have become our key partners in all aspects of the specification environment. ZeroDocs is an extremely knowledgeable resource that has helped me gain a more thorough understanding of the intricacies of the specifications and LEED documentation. They have one of the most informative, easy to navigate specification hubs out there and a great resource to have my content a part of.”

Steve Confer, VP

FinPan & T. Clear Corporation


“I like the SimpleSpecs non-proprietary specification format and its content clarity and conciseness. The editor’s notes help the specifier (me) make well-informed decisions on product and process selections. The customer service and support are uncontested. As a design professional, I tend to get caught up in the day-to-day activities of a project and you consistently check in to offer help (our other spec resource never does that).”

John Colwart

MGPA Architecture

Project Manager


“We use ZeroDocs to locate specific building product manufacturers’ Specs because we know the Specs follow the 3-Part format. The proper format allows us to locate what we need immediately. I recommend ZeroDocs to those looking for information from specific manufacturers’ products.”

Todd Maxey, CDT, LEED

Associated Spec Consultants, Inc.


What impresses me most is their level of follow-up. When they don’t have what they need for an accurate 3-Part Specification to their requirements, they’ll issue a preliminary spec and follow up regularly to complete their work. They do a great job and make a strong partner for my consulting firm.”

Beau D. Preston

Rainscreen Consulting


“When we first began working with Zerodocs, it was clear that your team deeply understood the industry and was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of spec development. They’re incredibly helpful and informative throughout the process. We highly recommend Zerodocs to others searching for this service.”

Andrew Billings



“When it comes to introducing a new product to the industry, ZeroDocs is our #1 architectural marketing service. If you’re serious about getting specified, you need to reach many architectural firms. ZeroDocs has the connections to reach the people who matter.”

Joe Cam



“Zero Docs was extremely helpful in writing up the 3 Part Specification for our products, we will definitely be utilizing them in the future for all of our spec writing needs.”

Brandon Kutas, Co-Founder


“I have enjoyed working with ZeroDocs on the development of our 3-Part Specifications. Their industry knowledge, coupled with practical experience has helped guide me through the process of developing easy to use documents for the architectural and design community. I view ZeroDocs as more of a consultant than a spec writing platform. Their follow-up and attention to detail has been a breath of fresh air.”

Jeff D.

Barron Designs



“ZeroDocs has a deep understanding of the contemporary architecture and design industry’s intricacies and documentation. Their team (particularly Adam Schwegel) was able to clarify several of our firm’s burning questions in no time flat. They pointed us in the right direction to ensure that key stakeholders would be excited to work with our products at every level of the industry. ZeroDocs is responsive, knowledgeable and ready to help!”

Connor de Jong