SimpleSpecs: A faster way to write construction specifications

SimpleSpecs: A faster way to write construction specifications

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SimpleSpecs™: A faster way to write construction specifications

Let’s say you are a design professional tasked with writing CSI 3 part specifications on a project for the first time. Sure, you’ve had 5+ years of experience reading them, but now you’re tasked with editing an office master, recycling specifications from a past project, or using a complicated cloud-based program to create your first project manual, CSI MasterFormat Divisions 00 to Division 50.  


The specification process can be intimidating.  A simple subject like painting might equal 40-pages of editing to create a project-ready specification.  Combined with phone calls, client meetings, and current project tasks, you can easily burn through 8 hours for that section alone.  


So as you start to edit that 40-page painting specification, you might begin to think, what do I really need to say about painting, right? Why are there 40 pages or even a short-form specification that requires 20 pages on painting?


Shouldn’t it be as simple as listing a paint manufacturer, installing per manufacturer’s instructions (or a standard), and reference a painting schedule? More importantly, what painting contractor is going to read a 20+pages specification on painting.  


Don’t worry; we at ZeroDocs feel the same way. Specifications have gotten way too long, overwordy and complicated.  For this reason, we’ve developed SimpleSpecs™ master specification system for commercial and residential projects.


SimpleSpecs™ is a series of editable CSI 3 part specification templates that range in length from 1 to 4 pages.  Each specification is edited to suit a particular project and is much shorter than the traditional specifications you’ve reviewed or edited in the past.  Each specification focuses on what’s required for costs and quality to make it easier for the design teams and contractors to read and follow them.


SimpleSpecs™ follows the Construction Specifications Institutes (CSI) 4’C principles of being clear, concise, complete, and correct right out of the gate.  We’ve also added a 5th C, which is communication by designing an easy-to-use cloud-based app for design teams to store SimpleSpecs™ and create projects in the same place.  The project’s feature allows you to work solo or connect the entire design team to discuss specifications and product selections before the editing process begins. 


If you’d like to start writing construction specifications faster, explore the below and select a SimpleSpecs™ package.


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