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Download fully customizable specification templates and modify them using Microsoft Word or use our cloud platform to mange the entire process.

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Easily manage your documents, updates, ending and formatting of project specs at an accelerated pace without sacrificing flexibility and control of your workflow.

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3-part architectural specifications for sale
Architectural Specs
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Electrical Specs

3-part specifications

Ready-to-Use Microsoft Word Specification Templates

Say goodbye to the hassle of editing 10+ page specifications or crafting project specs from scratch!   🚀 Our professionally designed templates are here to revolutionize your workflow in 4 pages or less. 

With a diverse selection of 3-part specification templates at your fingertips, you'll reclaim valuable time, ensure consistency, and zero in on your top priority – meeting those crucial deadlines. 

Product List

Manage product discussions like a PRO with our Ready-to-Use Product List

Kickstart product discussions with ease, bringing together designers, specifiers and stakeholders on a unified platform.

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