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Helping brands become the architect’s standard for a continual architectural sales pipeline.

Helping Brands Just You.

You Need a Better Specification

Manufacturers view specs as a sales tool. Architects view them as contractual documents. General Contractors and subcontractors use specs to bid products and follow project requirements.

Unfortunately, you might have the wrong specification type or a 3 part specification that are hard to follow and wordy.

Your specifications need to be clear, concise, correct, and complete 3-part specification to become the architect’s office standard. You’ll need an expert to help guide you on the right path. 

3-part architectural specifications example
specification writing services

Become the Architects Standard

The golden ticket in construction sales is to be specified by an architect.  The challenge is time-consuming and difficult to follow.

At ZeroDocs, we write specifications for architects, offering manufacturers a clear path to becoming the architect’s standard. 

Is getting specified a problem you’re currently facing? 

Expand Your Architectural Sales Team

Imagine you’re an architect working on a project searching the web for specifications for [insert your product here]. Where do most architects start searching?

Yep, you guessed it!  Their trusted resource for specifications and sites with free downloads. 

When you publish your 3-part specifications on ZeroDocs, and we keep your documents up to date, increase reviews and downloads!

specification writing services

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