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Adhered Brick Veneer

Use this 3 part SimpleSpecs master specification to specify thin brick units for use as adhered veneer.

Whether you’re transforming an exterior facade or adding character to an interior space, our 3-part SimpleSpecs master specification is your definitive guide for specifying thin brick units as adhered veneer. Ideal for architects and builders, this specification ensures precision and aesthetic appeal in every application.

Exterior and Interior Applications

Adhered brick veneer, versatile and stylish, can be effectively used in both exterior and interior settings. It is expertly installed over solid substrates such as concrete, masonry, or sheathing, ensuring durability and longevity. The thin brick can be securely affixed using either traditional metal lath with setting mortar or modern thinset mortar applied directly onto the substrate.

Moisture Control and Protection

Incorporating a weather barrier behind the brick veneer is a critical step. This barrier plays a crucial role in preventing moisture infiltration, safeguarding the interior of your structure from potential water damage and ensuring the longevity of your installation.

Understanding and Managing Efflorescence

Some brick varieties are prone to efflorescence. This phenomenon occurs when moisture seeps into the masonry and brings out salts to the surface as it evaporates, leaving a white powdery residue. While efflorescence is more noticeable on darker surfaces, it can be easily remedied with early detection and the use of specialized cleaners. Over time, as the salts diminish, so does the occurrence of efflorescence.

Specifying Thin Brick Veneer?

Use this comprehensive 3-part specification template and our extensive catalog for all your project requirements.  To learn more about brick veneer and explore the myriad ways it can enhance your architectural projects.


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