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Download this free 3-part specification to specify electronic digital carillons for churches, courtyards, and other public spaces by Chime Master.

What are digital carillons?

Electronic musical instruments replicate the sound and performance of traditional bells in a digital format. They use digital technology to produce a range of bell sounds.  Which are programmed and played using a keyboard or other input device. Digital carillons are used in place of traditional bell systems in churches, universities, and other institutions.  Where the cost and maintenance of physical bells can be prohibitive.


Digital carillons consist of a computer or other electronic device, a keyboard or other input device, and a set of speakers or amplifiers. The keyboard is used to select and play individual notes.  Which are then output through the speakers as bell sounds. The sound quality and range of a digital carillon vary depending on the quality of the electronics and the software used to produce the sounds. However, modern digital carillons are capable of producing a wide range of realistic bell sounds that are customized to suit the needs of the user.

Advantages over a traditional bell system:

– Cost: Digital carillons are generally less expensive than traditional bell systems, particularly when it comes to installation and maintenance. Traditional bell systems require a large investment in hardware, including large bells, frames, and mechanisms for ringing the bells. Digital carillons, on the other hand, require only a computer or other electronic device, a keyboard or other input device, and speakers or amplifiers.

– Versatility: Digital carillons offer a wide range of versatility in terms of sound quality, volume, and customization options. They can be programmed to play a variety of different bell sounds, including traditional church bells, carillon bells, and even custom sounds. The volume can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user, and the sounds can be customized to match the acoustics of the building or environment.

– Maintenance: Digital carillons require very little maintenance compared to traditional bell systems.  Which are expensive and time-consuming to maintain. Traditional bell systems require regular cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment to keep them in good working order.  Digital carillons require only occasional software updates and basic maintenance of the electronic components.

– Accessibility: Digital carillons can be controlled remotely, allowing users to play the bells from a computer or other electronic device. This can be particularly useful for churches or institutions that may not have a trained bell-ringer on staff.

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