Cementitious Roof Insulation


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Cementitious Roof Insulation

Download this 3 part specification template for specify cementitious roof insulation as ballast for protected membrane roofing.

Cementitious roof insulation used as ballast for protected membrane roofing is a specific application of insulation in flat or low-slope roof systems. Let’s break down the components and their roles:

Cementitious Roof Insulation:
  • This is a type of rigid insulation material made from cement or a cement-like substance, often mixed with lightweight aggregates. It provides thermal insulation for the roof.
  • Cementitious roof insulation is known for its durability and resistance to moisture, which makes it suitable for flat or low-slope roofs.
  • Ballast refers to heavy materials placed on top of a roofing system to hold it in place and provide additional protection from environmental forces like wind uplift.
  • In this case, the ballast material is the cementitious roof insulation itself. It serves a dual purpose by providing both insulation and acting as a weight to secure the roofing system.
Protected Membrane Roofing (PMR):
  • A PMR system places the insulation on top of the waterproofing membrane, protecting it from UV rays, weathering, and potential damage during construction or maintenance activities.
  • This arrangement helps extend the life of the waterproofing membrane and makes it easier to locate and repair any potential leaks.


The combination of using cementitious roof insulation as both insulation and ballast in a PMR system provides several benefits:

  • Thermal Insulation: It helps regulate the temperature within the building by reducing heat transfer through the roof.
  • Waterproofing Protection: The waterproofing membrane is shielded from potential damage and weathering effects, prolonging its lifespan.
  • Weight and Stability: The weight of the cementitious roof insulation provides ballast, helping to secure the roofing system against wind uplift and other environmental forces.

Overall, this approach offers a robust and efficient solution for flat or low-slope roofs, contributing to the durability and energy efficiency of the building.


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