07 27 26 Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers

07 27 26 Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers

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07 27 26

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GE silicone construction specs


Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers


Use this free downloadable CSI 3 part specification to specify GE’s Elemax 2600 AWB fluid-applied silicone air barriers for exterior wall assemblies.


A single coat of GE Elemax 2600 AWB cures quickly to form a durable membrane that is both vapor-permeable and airtight. It is UV-resistant upon cure and maintains its elasticity even after years of exposure to weather extremes.


GE’s Silicone AWB is NFPA 285 compliant for all assemblies and compatible with gypsum sheathing, OSB board, EPS insulation, Polyiso, spray foam, concrete, and fiberglass sheathing.


Indefinite life expectancy and allows continuous exposure to UV and water without damage.


A few unique attributes to mention:

Flexible application range of 0 – 150˚F

90% solids, 100% silicone polymer 

Single coat, no primer required.

Permeable – ASTM E96 WVT of 10.2 perms, wet method.

Spray or roller applied.

Medium build air barrier (17 mils)

Allows continuous UV exposure without damage 

Can be used in a ventilated rain screen assembly without concern for UV exposure at seams. 

Water-resistant (will not wash out over time)

Rain ready in 30 minutes.

Will not crack, remains flexible

Silicone is always compatible with itself, even 20 years later.

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For additional information, visit Elemax 2600 AWB webpage or contact GE Silicones by calling 877-943-7325 or by email at GECSTMKTG@momentive.com.


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Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers

Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers by GE Silicones



Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers





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