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Metal Wall Panel

Use this free downloadable specification to specify metal wall panels with powder-coated finish by Parallel Architectural Products

What is it?

Aluminum extruded powder-coated decorative metal wall panels enhance the aesthetic appeal and durability of any space. These panels are crafted through an advanced extrusion process that shapes aluminum into precise, intricate designs. Following extrusion, the panels undergo a high-quality powder coating process that applies a protective and visually appealing finish.

Key Features

Aluminum is extruded to allow the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.  The powder coating not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides superior protection against corrosion, weathering, and wear.  Available in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, our panels can be customized to suit any architectural style or design preference.

What’s Cool About This Type of Product?

From sleek modern styles to intricate traditional patterns, aluminum extruded panels offer limitless design flexibility. Customize your space with unique colors, textures, and finishes.


The powder coating provides a tough, resilient finish that resists chipping, scratching, and fading, keeping your panels looking new for years.  Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, these panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including UV radiation, rain, and temperature fluctuations.  The smooth, coated surface is easy to clean and maintain, requiring minimal upkeep to retain its stunning appearance.


Aluminum is a recyclable material, and the powder coating process is environmentally friendly, producing minimal waste and emissions.  The panels can contribute to energy efficiency by providing additional insulation and reducing the heat island effect in urban environments.


These panels are perfect for commercial buildings, residential properties, and public spaces. They can be used for facades, interior walls, ceilings, and more.


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Metal Wall Panels




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