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Resilient Base (MD Pro)

Use this free downloadable 3-part guide specification to specify vinyl and rubber resilient wall base by M-D® PRO.

What is resilient wall base?

Resilient base, often referred to as a resilient wall base, serves as a protective and aesthetic element in rooms and hallways. Here are its main characteristics and benefits, based on the information from multiple sources:

  1. Protection: One of the primary functions of a resilient base is to provide protection to the edges of walls and floors from scuffing, fading, and cracking. This is particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas.  Where the lower portions of walls are prone to damage from passing equipment, furniture, or foot traffic​​.
  2. Material Composition: Resilient bases are typically made from rubber or vinyl, or sometimes a combination of rubber and thermoplastic materials. These materials contribute to the resilience and durability of the base, making it a long-lasting solution for both protection and aesthetics​​.
  3. Low Maintenance: Due to their durable materials, resilient bases require minimal maintenance. They resist not only physical damage but also do not shrink or separate from the wall over time, ensuring a consistently polished appearance with little need for repair or replacement​​.
  4. Aesthetic Finish: Resilient bases offer a neat finishing touch to any room or hallway, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. They come in a wide range of colors, finishes, and sizes, allowing for a complementary match to the existing interior design and flooring materials​​.
  5. Functional and Decorative Border: Besides protection, resilient bases provide a functional and decorative border between walls and floors, giving a defined finish to the room. The separation they create helps define spaces while contributing to the room’s decor​​.
  6. Installation: Professional installation is recommended to ensure that the resilient base is properly affixed, providing the intended protective and aesthetic benefits.

Resilient bases for walls are a smart choice for anyone looking to protect their interiors while also enhancing the visual appeal of their spaces.

Specification Notes:

  • M-D® PRO wall bases are premium rubber and vinyl finishing products.  Offering a balance of flexibility and durability for protecting interior connections between walls and floors.
  • They are easy to clean, provide excellent scuff resistance, and meet the requirements of the Standard Specification for Resilient Wall Base (ASTM F1861).
  • Vinyl and rubber wall bases are available in various thicknesses, heights, and profile styles to meet the unique needs of your application.
  • The standard vinyl and rubber wall bases can be purchased with or without a toe at the bottom, some designer bases are molded to replicate the look of wood moldings, and all offerings are easy to cut and effortlessly adhere to your walled surface.

Technical Assistance

For assistance in the use of the products in this section, contact M-D® PRO by calling 800-565-6653 or visiting the website at

Related ASTM Standard

ASTM F1861 is a standard specification set by ASTM International for resilient wall base. This standard covers the requirements and methods for testing resilient wall base which is manufactured from rubber or thermoplastic materials, or a combination of these materials. The standard is designed to provide a functional as well as a decorative border between walls and floors but does not include rigid products.

Under ASTM F1861, the resilient wall bases are classified into three types based on their material composition:

  1. Type TS – Rubber, Vulcanized Thermoset
  2. Type TP – Rubber, Thermoplastic
  3. Type TV – Vinyl

The standard ensures that the resilient wall bases meet certain criteria for quality and performance for use in various environments and applications. Adherence to this standard can assure consumers and installers of the product’s durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.  Providing a reliable basis for comparison among products from different manufacturers​​.

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