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Wood Soffits

Download this 3-part specification for specifying natural wood soffits for limited exposure exterior use by UFP Edge.

A natural wood soffit refers to the underside component of various architectural structures, such as eaves, arches, or balconies, which is constructed using natural wood materials. Soffits are an integral part of a building’s roofing system, primarily serving two purposes: aesthetics and functionality.

Aesthetic Appeal

Natural wood soffits add warmth, beauty, and a touch of nature to a building’s exterior. The use of wood offers a timeless look that can complement any architectural style, from traditional to modern. The wood’s natural grains, textures, and colors enhance the visual appeal of the soffit area, creating an inviting and cohesive exterior design.

Functional Benefits

Beyond their aesthetic value, natural wood soffits play a critical role in protecting the rafters from weather elements, helping to prevent rot and decay. They also contribute to the ventilation of the attic space when designed with venting solutions. Proper ventilation helps regulate temperature and moisture levels in the attic, contributing to the overall energy efficiency and health of the building.

Types of Wood Used

Various types of wood can be used for soffits, each offering different aesthetic and functional qualities. Choices include hemlock, pine, and spruce. Selected for their durability, resistance to rot and pests, and ease of staining or painting.

Maintenance Considerations

While natural wood soffits add beauty and value to a building, they also require maintenance to keep them in good condition. Regular inspections, cleaning, sealing, or painting/staining are necessary.  To protect the wood from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can cause damage over time.


Proper installation is crucial for the longevity and performance of natural wood soffits. Ensuring adequate ventilation, correct spacing for expansion and contraction.  And the use of suitable fasteners and finishes can protect the wood and maintain its beauty for years to come.


For assistance in the use of products in this section, contact UFP Edge by calling  or visit their website at www.ufpedge.com.


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Wood soffits


Wood soffits



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