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What is a project manual?

construction project manual

What is a project manual? It’s common in the construction industry for Design Professionals (DP’s) and building product manufacturers to refer to the project manual as “specs“, “project specs” or “spec book.”  Unfortunately, “specifications” is an improper term.  “Specifications” are traditionally…

Understanding CSI Specifications for Construction

Understanding CSI Specifications for Construction

CSI Specifications for Construction Ah, CSI specifications for construction.  The easiest way to communicate the requirements, materials, and standards on a construction project. The terms “construction drawings” and “construction specs” are often used interchangeably. The specifications and drawings are both…

Construction abbreviations

construction abbreviations for commercial construction projects

What are Construction Abbreviations? Construction abbreviations are reference standards to industry organizations that are specified in individual 3-part specifications throughout a project manual.  This is a list of abbreviations and acronyms used in other sections in Divisions 02 through 50,…