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Uniformat II Preliminary Project Description

Use this Uniformat II Preliminary Project Description with the provided guide text early in the design process to organize and describe the scope of a building project in a systematic and standardized manner, using the Uniformat II classification system released by ASTM E1557. The Preliminary Project Description serves several purposes in the early stages of a project, including facilitating communication among stakeholders, supporting early cost estimating, and providing a structured framework for analyzing and comparing different design options.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of its components and purposes:

Systematic Description

A systematic description of the building’s systems and assemblies, categorized according to the Uniformat II classification. This helps in understanding the functional elements that will constitute the building for cost estimates.

Design Development

The structured framework supports the development of the design. It helps in identifying and addressing key design issues early in the process, which can contribute to better decision-making and potentially save time and resources later in the project.


Facilitating clear communication among project stakeholders by providing a common framework and language for describing the project. This can help ensure that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the project scope and requirements.

Comparative Analysis

It can be used to carry out comparative analysis of different design options or different projects. It supports a more analytical and data-driven approach to design, which can contribute to better project outcomes.


Serves as a key document for recording the scope and specifications of the project in the early design phases. It provides a basis for more detailed specifications and documentation as the project progresses.

Compliance and Performance Evaluation

Used to check compliance with project requirements and to evaluate the performance of different design options against defined criteria.

An essential tool for organizing and communicating key project information in the early design phases, and it sets the foundation for successful project planning, design, and execution.


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